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Once upon a time there was a mama cat who gave birth to a a litter of kittens on the street. These kittens were left alone to fend for themselves for a few months until they were rescued by a couple of teenagers with a heart of gold. The kittens were then each given away to good homes, sadly, only a few of them would survive. Some died shortly after being rescued and one or two ran away, never to be heard from again. Not Sahar. She is still alive but not well because at two years old she has been diagnosed with kidney failure and the exams and treatments are too much for my part-time minimum wage check to cover. I’m not ready to say Good-Bye to her. I’ll become a beggar on the streets before I give up the fight for her. She has never abandoned me. When I sleep she sleeps on top of me, when I eat, she is right there beside me munching. She also has baby sister who meows whenever she can’t find her. So, please, please, help. 

help save my best friend’s cat!